I dunno if this will reach the popularity of the Donald Glover one, but I’m really proud of these.

One of my favourite game series.

went to a concert on the weekend~


i had no idea what those side things were on his jacket so i didn’t include them HAA.. (they looked like the straps to a backpack??)
i screamed so much on twitter i’m too tired to properly convey my excitement now


i had no idea what those side things were on his jacket so i didn’t include them HAA.. (they looked like the straps to a backpack??)

i screamed so much on twitter i’m too tired to properly convey my excitement now


doodled these two as well :) you know, instead of actually playing the game..


i just got professor layton vs phoenix wright!!!! woohoooo!! though i haven’t really played much yet because homework..haha




daily reminder that the dlc case in the 3ds ace attorney game literally had a cross-examination section called “the dissin’ of phoenix wright” and the witness gave testimony entirely in the form of rap





i just want spell it out that one of these is a literal puppy and the other is trained to help in investigative work


trained to help in investigative work


a literal puppy


I want to try experimenting with my art so I decided that this thing would be a good way to do that!

Kay Faraday: Palette 25 Pose 7D



Dengeki interview with DD director Yamazaki and producer Eshiro


Japanese gaming site Dengeki recently sat down with AAI, AAI2, and DD director Takeshi Yamazaki and producer Motohide Eshiro to chat about the series, and C-R’s Ash was kind enough to give bullet points:

  • A lot of fans reacted positive to Apollo’s role in the game
  • Some people thought the game was too easy and they’ll keep that in mind for future games
  • Eshiro as overwhelmed when Apollo ranked first in the NicoNico GS character election (dates from August 2013). Also glad that characters like Blackquill and Fulbright ranked in high.
  • GS5 was originally planned to be a 3DS-only release, but because apps were becoming more important, they wanted to know whether it would be possible to have an app version. They made one scene, which was a bit troublesome, but they decided that this could work. While 3DS and (touch screen) smartphones are relatively ‘alike’, they had to rethink the user interface completely because the 3DS has two screens.
  • Asked by the interviewer whether the character models were redone for iOS because they looked better, Eshiro said no. 3DS/iPhone all have different screens with their own characteristics, so they come out differently.
  • The complete first chapter of iOS DD is free, because they did the same with iOS GS123. It’s a lot of gameplay, but the precedent had already been set and the ending of that chapter does work as a hook for the rest of the game.
  • Prices were based on regular App Store prices and internal discussion.
  • Eshiro likes case 2 (he likes the creepy and mysterious atmosphere) and case 3.
  • Yamazaki likes the last case
  • Eshiro knows a lot of fans want an anime, but such a project costs a lot of time, and they just never managed to get the timing right for something like that. And just an anime would be boring, so he would like to do something special with it if they were to produce one.
  • Personally, Eshiro would want to do a late night TV drama series, because he thinks the format fits GS well.
  • The interviewer suggests a GS concert, to which Eshiro said he would think about it (laugh)
  • Yamazaki would like to do something like a real-life game (i.e. escape the room games).
  • GS5 is not the end of the GS series, DGS is coming and they’ll want to do even more after that.

So while the focus may be on Takumi’s team right now, rest assured Yamazaki and Eshiro’s group is still going strong!



Nicknames given to Judge in Ace Attorney include:

Your Honor
Mr. Your Honor
Bearded gentleman
Mr. Judge 
Judge Fickle
The Great Judgini
Sir Old-Timer
The Poker Head of Courtroom No. 3
Herr Judge
Your Baldness
Your Honorship

dont forget ‘old gaybeard’


The most important one.


PLvAA is coming out this weekend… so I guess I’m on a little bit of an Ace Attorney kick right now >u>

I love drawing these two dorks like really <333 screw Nick’s hair tho UGH

So I’ll probably be posting more of them soon! u v u )/


Serious attorneys and their cheerful girlfriends

I didn’t know Maya grew boobs in GS4???



My dad thinks I like drawing Abraham Lincoln.

these make me so happy